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Adobe Reader SpeedUp


Adobe Reader SpeedUpBack in the days when even performing basic windows tasks could take ages and people were regularly waiting for their pc to finish simple tasks, a man named Joseph Cox released a nifty freeware tool called Adobe Reader SpeedUp. The program was easy to use and did exactly what the name promised it would do.

Adobe on steroids

Adobe Reader SpeedUp is a freeware tool that drastically reduces the amount of time Adobe Acrobat/Reader needs to open. Just a few years ago, opening a Portable Document Format (PDF) file could take tens of seconds and a speed boost was desperately needed. Adobe Reader gave this speed boost by disabling plugins that were rarely used and using the freeware software, Adobe Acrobat and Reader would start in just a couple of seconds.


Adobe Reader SpeedUp was a popular tool a few years ago, but nowadays things are completely different. Processors have become much faster in the recent years and on top of that Adobe also seems to have improved its software quite a bit. As a result, Adobe’s PDF software does not really need Adobe Reader SpeedUp anymore and it will soon only be remembered because of pages like this.

Joseph Cox

The man behind Adobe Reader SpeadUp was Joseph Cox. Cox developed the software by himself and he has supported it until December 2006. By then it was clear that the once so desperately needed tool was no longer needed and Cox decided to put his attention on other projects. For a complete list of all software that has been and is being developed by Cox, we recommend taking a look at his blog.

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